Shopping ^_^

After breaking my fast and done my Maghrib's prayal, i bring my mom together with my two brothers **Minie n Achik** accompanied me and my mom shopping. So here..lets the pics do the telling..haha

Reached Parkson...straight away went to GUESS store :P
**Praying n hoping mom will not wanting one of those h/begs**

Ape lagi...tros arr look at GUESS wallet ranch

Aku berkenan with these two wallet
Consult mom => Consult Minie => Consult myself :P
**Thought wanna ask Adam's opinion..
Wanna MMS this pic but then baru ingat, Adam terawih
So...x jadilah nak consult him

**Since i was rushing coz only have one n a half hour b4 the mall close, so didnt really had time to snap2 lots of pic **Mase e2 emas..hekhek** So can managed buy GUESS wallet n mom's h/beg. **Fuhhh!!! luckiy she didnt look at GUESS h/beg ranch...hehe**

Its payment timeee!!!
Wanna snap the cashier gurl's pic
But then...x jadi plak sbb die pasan

So here are those stuffs i managed to get for myself n mom. The shoes we purchase at Parkson department store while those hairsraffs, we purchase it at Satok Mall. Once again...lets the pics do the telling :P ==>

At home dah neh :P

I pick this GUESS wallet
...its suits my GUESS handbeg's color :)

The price of the GUESS wallet

->Here i wanna tell ya'all the tips for GUESS handbeg or wallet. If ya'all wanna compare or see the different between THE FAKE one and THE ORIGINAL one...look for its SHINE. The FAKE one didnt have the shine but the ORIGINAL one do have the shine, even for far ya'all can see the shine. So dont get confused by the FAKE GUESS and the ORIGINAL GUESS

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shahrul said...

ermm,ni macam 1st entry akak..kot..tak pon,ade yg da xde..hehe..
saje mnyinggah entry2 akak yg kuno2,style akak cite yg dulu ngan skrang,memang beza..skarang nye style lagi over.hehe.. over gaye2 telebih sudah laa kak..hehe..selambe.......

pape pon,akak memang
ho ho liaw(hebat)~!!


Redbloodsnow said...

Hahaha...nih bukan akak nyer 1st entry blogging ler ayai oii. actually nih blog peribadi ke-2 akak. yg 1st akak nyer adalah yg akak jdkan blog gossip artis msia dh skrg...hahaha

klo ayai pi jengah post yg dulu² lagi cam bodo² skema akak nyer penulisan taw. lagikkk la ketara giler different die...hahaha

Whoopz said...

Whoopz wuz ere.. Hahah.. :p