Ooppss!!!...I Did It Again

Chaos In My Heart
Sad + Down + Miserable + hurts

**Silence mode again**


I'm Fine n in well condition
of mind, heart n health

Wanna let uols know
that I am not going to blogging again

Zie juz nak uols tahu
Zie quit blogging not bcoz
the manusiyal or so whatever
There's no third party

let me just put it this way...

"Sometimes...we have to sacrifice sumthing
that we love for the sack of our truly happiness"

for the Backstabbers a.k.a Pretenders
--> Ckap ler ape yg uols
nk cakap after this.Ade aku kesah???
Just dont act like an angel in front,
but become bloody devil behind. This
type of person la kan...billions more
disgusting than piglet manusiyals itself!!!
Juz mind ur own business n plz jahitlah
kain sendiri okeh. Ade ssape yg terase???
Bagus!!! Mmg aku nak org² yg bkenaan terase

I'm juz so sick n tired of those
backstabbers, two faces peoples, the pretenders,
sweet talker peoples etc...come on la...
be true to urself. if dont like me...juz plz..
dont pretend to be my fren. U r not invited to
become my frens at all...just GET A LIFE!!!

Princess Redbloodsnow Copyright©

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