Siapa Cepat, Dia Dapat ^_- Winks

Salam uols, Hari tu zie ada shopping kat Zalora utk baju raya zie. Sampai  sampai je, dorg ada bagi voucher raya. 1 utk zie, 1 lagi utk kawan zie. Sebagai menghargai uols yg selalu datang bertandang ke blog zie ni...Zie bagi kat salah seorg dari uols je lah :) Hehe

...Siapa cepat, dia dapat lah ek,


** Terms and conditions apply **

Terms & Condition:
  1. Valid only for customers who have not purchased from ZALORA Malaysia before.
  1. Valid for ONE TIME USE only and with minimum purchase of RM99 and above.
  1. Valid till 15 August 2014.
  1. Band exclusion apply. Not valid for Marketplace items, with other promo codes and promotions, unless otherwise stated.
  1. Free deliver is applicable on paid price of RM75 and above.

Khas utk 1st time customer je ye uols. Siapa yg return customer tu, tak dapat lah ek ^_- Pape pun...selamat bershopping semua :)

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~♥dieyba_baby♥~ said...

wahh best nye sape dpt tuuu

zal88 said...

assalam sis xprnh shopping zalora lg :)

zal88 said...

assalam sis xprnh shopping zalora lg :)